Know You Got a Book in You—
But Don’t Know How to Get It Out?

Get the Straight Scoop About How to Write, Publish or Promote Your Book! Just ‘Ask the Book Expert!’

You know the benefits of being a published author…

When you have your own book you gain more prestige, become known as an expert—and can charge higher fees…

When you’re an AUTHORity you can instantly become an expert in your field, differentiate yourself from the competition, fill your sales funnel with leads and cram your appointment book with loads of clients who are glad to pay you what you’re worth!

  • Get more of the highly coveted clients you desire
  • Charge higher fees—even as much as quadrupling your current asking price
  • Establish your expertise overnight—expertise that you don’t have to explain because no one will question you
  • Speak volumes about your professional credibility—24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You probably realize that having your book has become as necessary as having a website or a business card—in fact, your book is your business card.

A book has become a proven way to attract more engagements, generate back-of-room sales and provide a starting point for other info products.

Here’s a “hot list” of other reasons to have a book…followed by how you can get “Ask the Book Expert” and get started on yours today.

Once you’ve published your book, imagine how you can…

  • Command greater fees, charge higher prices, and lower price resistance among your clients and prospects.
  • Change the lives of your readers: prospects, clients, and others in your industry, field or product category.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field among prospects and “centers of influence,” so you attract significantly more and better-qualified clients who are willing and able to buy from you.
  • Build a loyal base of “fans” who will seek you out to hire and buy from you, PLUS rave about you to others. (It’s like having your own groupies!)
  • Attract media interviews, potential high-level partners, endorsement requests and more speaking gigs.
  • Get and maintain “top-of-mind awareness” with your clients and prospects. When the time comes and they need or want your products or services, they will automatically turn to the expert in the field—YOU!
  • Package your knowledge in one place where you can pull tips and articles to generate additional exposure to your business and traffic to your website.
  • Boost your sales efforts by demonstrating to current clients what you really know about your subject of expertise and what you can really do for them.
  • Spread the word about your business via “word-of-mouth” marketing. (Your book can be the match you need to spread your message like wildfire!)
  • Create new revenue streams for you by using it as a springboard for additional information products, such as CDs and teleseminars.
  • Achieve a personal dream—maybe one you’ve been having for years and years!

Yet if you’ve tried to write you book, you know there can be some challenges in getting started—or getting finished…and you probably have tons of questions about the writing, publishing and promotion process!

You might even have some mistaken beliefs, such as:

It’s hard and time-consuming to write a book.

You’ve probably heard the statistic that four out of five of us want to write a book. The fact is, few of us realize that dream. You might think writing a book is hard work. Or it doesn’t take just a little bit of time—it can take a lot of time. With so many things pulling at your attention, it’s hard to find the hours needed to sit down and write.

Perhaps you’ve even scheduled some “book writing time” in your appointment book and held true to a couple of them, but then found things going by the wayside as other items to take priority.

Or maybe things stalled as you realized that writing a book was a much bigger project than you originally thought, and you became frustrated by the process.

Don’t feel bad—I started and stopped my second book several times before finally getting it done. It can be a frustrating process, especially when you’re trying to do it on your own with sheer willpower.

You don’t know how to select a “winning topic”

Say you do have the time and the energy to write a book, how do you know what to write about? Whether you’ve been working in your field for awhile or are just getting started, you probably have a fairly large “knowledge base.” How do you pick one of your own “hot topics” and then narrow or expand the subject matter for a book?

Next, how do you make sure your book is one people will want to read? Just like you wouldn’t stand up and start speaking about anything, your book has to have purpose and focus so it connects to your audience. You’ll agree that you don’t want to waste your time putting a book together that’s not going to speak well of you when you’re done, right?

Where do you even begin in organizing your thoughts for “book format?”

Sure, you might have put together your fair share of ezine articles and blog posts, and have thought about compiling them into a book—but what comes next? And what else do you have to worry about so your book and its content can stand proudly on the shelf next to other books at Barnes & Noble? Or sell on Amazon?

Most of all, where do you go to get it published? You’re a business owner, after all, and don’t want to put the time and effort into learning a whole new skill like publishing. There are hundreds of places online claiming they can print and publish your book, but how do you know who to trust?

You really don’t consider yourself a writer.

Or, maybe you’re one who doesn’t put together ezine articles or blog posts. Maybe you do most of your work face to face or on the phone and don’t have a “back end” of articles and other written material. How can you write a book when you don’t have “word one” done? I’m here to tell you that you definitely can—and I show you how.

You’ve heard that it costs 100s, if not 1000s, of dollars to get a book “done right”

You may have been hearing the debate about being self-published versus pursuing a traditional publisher. If you do self-publish there are thousands of companies to consider–how do you know which is the right one?

I understand–anybody would find all these challenges overwhelming. (I know I did when I published my first book several years ago–years before all these options sprung up all over the place!) I also understand that you’re not in the “publishing” business–you have your own area of expertise and little time to figure out the best way to get your book published.

Get all your questions answered…
just Ask the Book Expert!

Give me 60 minutes and I’ll give you the inside scoop about how to achieve extraordinary publishing and marketing success with your book.

Now you have the opportunity to discuss your book writing or book promotion challenge in a private 1:1 strategic planning session with me.

You will have my undivided and focused attention as we tackle what’s holding you back from book writing and publishing success!

Plus, after talking with me one-to-one, you’ll have all the resources readily available to make a giant leap toward getting your book published and put in place as a top-notch marketing tool.

97% of the business authors I have spoken with said that writing their first book was far from easy. Many of them struggled to find the time, inspiration and energy to write a book that would work for them.

Even worse, some of them admitted to me that they wrote the wrong book! It was off the mark for what they wanted to accomplish. (And, I’ll tell you what, nothing breaks my heart more than hearing that!)

But, in these exclusive interviews, these authors shared with me exactly where they went wrong—so you don’t have to. I’ve soaked in what they had to say and am ready to pass on the knowledge to you.

Add to that my own book writing, publishing and promotion skills, and you can save yourself 100s of hours in on- and off-line research!

What makes me the expert?

I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you to show them the way to get their books done.

Here are just a few:

Many of them did it with my guidance and my Write a Book in a Weekend® program and some of them started with what we call a “Big Breakthrough Session” – a private coaching session with me where I answered all their organization, time management and other questions.

Now you can “Ask the Book Expert” too! I’ll answer ALL of your book writing and publishing questions…

  • I know what you’re trying to accomplish! We’re not going to waste time talking in generalities about why you want to write and publish a book—that’s been established. (And I support you 100% in your efforts!)
  • I’ve been where you are! I’ve written and published two books of my own—one a raving success and one, well…not so much. (Yet I learned tons from that mistake—information I will gladly share with you!)
  • I’m a book writing, publishing and marketing queen! And I will share with you the most reliable and proven resources, techniques and tactics out there so you can add “author” to your list of accomplishments!
  • I’m a pro at identifying—and eliminating—what’s holding you back! I can pick right up from where you are to break through blocks and move you forward.
  • If you want success sooner rather than later, the best time to talk to me is NOW. No one ever got their book written and published by sitting around. Don’t wait—take action!
  • Your book will be at the center of our discussion. I’ll get specific with the next steps you can take to get your book in hand and on shelves.
  • A word of warning—I cut right to the chase. I’m all about getting right to work to get you the results you want—not about padding our time with lots of chit chat about the weather in San Diego or American Idol.
  • If you’re ready to take action, I’m ready to get started! Because I want you to be my next success story!

The Secret to My Success

“One of the best decisions I ever made was choosing to work with Donna Kozik. Donna has been the biggest catalyst in skyrocketing my business success.

“Often times when you work with consultants, they offer a lot of great ideas. But, that is as far as it goes. Donna offers you ideas AND workable solutions to implement those ideas right away.

“I have never thought of myself as an author and didn’t envision myself writing a book because the process seemed overwhelming. Donna has shown me that the process can be easy. For example, she will put forth questions that my fitness clients might ask. By answering these questions along with transferring articles and ideas that I teach people every day, I can now have a book and reports that boost my creditability AND business.

“But, just writing my book won’t be enough. Donna also provides me all of the resources I need to get published and then market my book.

“Donna’s friendly and positive spirit coupled with her business acumen provides the perfect business partner for any small business owner. Donna has been the secret to my success, and I give my strongest recommendation for her.

“Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start achieving success today!”

Jeanie Callen Barat
“The Fitness Jeanie”
Owner, Callen Fitness, Inc.

“My Direction Became Clear”

Before talking to Donna I had been uncertain with the direction of my business. After writing my book , that direction became clear as did the message I wanted to spread. I am now able to launch my business with confidence showing the expertise I possess because of having my big business card. If you have the tiniest of thoughts to write a book, Donna is the person to show you how to do it!

Peggy Lee Hanson
River Falls, Wis.
Author, 50-Something; The Unknown Dreams and Paths.

Here’s the key to your publishing success!

In these one-on-one private sessions we can accomplish great goals like these:

  • Get organized. Leverage your writing strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.
  • Make time. Create a schedule so your book is completely done by your deadline.
  • Choose wisely. Get guidance in selecting content topics that will lead to your book being the best-ever marketing tool for you and your business.
  • Write killer content. Delve into ideas that can propel your content from good to GREAT!
  • Gather resources. Receive direction toward the most economical resources to get your book in print, on shelves and online.
  • Discuss savvy promotion. Brainstorm ways you can market your book to audiences who are eager to buy it.

In other words, I’m like a writing and promotion mechanic—determined to help you drive a BMW of a book into hands everywhere!

I love working with and encouraging budding business authors facing these publishing challenges.

Because my time is limited, though, and I have other clients depending on me for my writing expertise and marketing services, I can only accept a LIMITED NUMBER of clients wanting an individual “Ask the Book Expert” breakthrough sessions…

And when I say I’ll accept a limited number of clients, I mean it!

Since my goal is to see you become a successful book author, I am committed to dedicating myself and my valuable time only to a very select group of enthusiastic and determined to-be authors looking for POWERFUL, PUT-IT-TO-WORK-NOW INSIGHT into getting their book published and working for them.

If you’re ready to move your book forward by leaps and bounds, I’m here for you.

Don’t delay! The perfect time has arrived to break through your book writing barriers. You are closer than ever to holding your book in hand—and it all starts with a 60 minute “Ask the Book Expert” breakthrough session.

Here’s an Added Bonus!

I’m known to let ideas fly forth fast and furious, that’s why I’ll be recording our call—you can listen to it time and time to make sure you get every gem. (And concentrate on talking with me rather than taking notes!)

YES, I Am Ready!

Get me on the My Big Business Card Breakthrough Session schedule
for only $497 so I can get my book written and published!

I understand the following:

  • If I am not satisfied with the information I receive on the call, I will be refunded my money. No hassles—no kidding!
  • Our book brainstorming, strategizing, information packed 60 minutes will result in ideas and structure that are mine to keep and act upon.
  • My call will be recorded and given to me so I can listen to it again and again to get the details and the inspiration!
  • This is a SPECIAL OFFER that will not last forever. As Donna “The Book Expert’s” schedule fills up, fewer and fewer 60 minute spots will be available.
  • I will receive contact from the offices of My Big Business Card to schedule my call within 72 hours of confirmation of the purchase of this specially-priced amazing offer.
  • Overseas calls are not an issue!
  • I will receive an email immediately upon payment confirming the transaction via the My Big Business Card secure server.

I look forward to meeting you and fast forwarding your book idea!

To Your SUPER Success!

Donna Kozik
2-time award winning author
Creator & Leader, Write a Book in a Weekend®

P.S. Honestly, how long have you been saying you’re going to get started on your book? Give me just 60 minutes, and I’ll get you on the fast track so instead of talking about it, you’re autographing copies of it! Satisfaction guaranteed!

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